EXTREME BODY TRANSFORMATION   – At the age of 33 I have suffered from weight problems my whole life. I could easily put on 2 stone in a month, a problem of which other family members didnt seem to suffer from. My weight has been up and down for some time and the heaviest I weighed in at was 24 stone.

Danny Before His Weight Loss CampaignDanny lost weight after 5 months

I got myself down to 19 stone and then I met Lisa.

We started with body fat measurements using biosignatures and I was measured at 26%. She explained why the fat was stored in certain places, she was very clinical and detailed but explained it in such a way that I understood. 

I received a weight training program, eating plan and supplement plan to get me on my way. I got loads of great recipes to help with my meal planning and the training was great. I did everything she asked and put in 100% effort and I can proudly say that in 5 months i went from 26% to 14% body fat!!!

Weight went from 117kg to 93.6kg (loss of 23.4kg)

Waist went from 99.6 to 84.2cm (loss of15.4cm)

Hips went from 110.1 to 98.5cm (loss of 11.6cm)

Danny after 5 monthsDanny day 1

18 months on I weigh 15 stone which is my weight of choice, I have never been able to maintain any fat loss long term until now. Lisa explained that once you reach your goal weight you need to stay there for 18 months to ensure you don’t put it all back on. Now I enjoy a leaner frame, greater strength and a consistent weight. I am very happy and living proof that what Lisa has created at Fitness Hub 21 not only works but lasts.  Daniel Hawkins


At my worst i was a size 14, it had taken me 4 years to put on 3.5 stone and by jan 2007 i had had enough. I got down to a size 10 in 6 months, training and eating well. It was a lot of hard work but i was dedicated and remained consistent.

From there i managed to sustain my weight loss but i wanted more. I decided to do a fitness model comp in 2010 and i never looked back. I have been competing over the past 4 years and decided to have a break from competition to focus on building a fitness hub for people in my community. I love the process of competing, its very hard and demanding but for me it was a challenge. Now the challenge is maintaining a physique i want without going to the extreme to do it. Its a journey and i am always learning new things to help me and my clients along their way.

My best advice is to – Stay the path, never give up and enjoy the journey

Before January 2007 – size 14, 77kg, 107cm hips

After 6 months July 2007 – Size 10, 67kg, 100cm hips

UFE World Champs Toronto Nov 2015

My last competition after competing from 2010-2015