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February 5, 2020 5:48 pm Published by

GOAL AND HABITS   How are you tracking so far???   1/12th of the year has passed – just like that it’s February.   How are you tracking with those New Year resolutions??   Hopefully you remember what they are.   If you’re on track and motivated – fantastic. Keep up the good work.   If you need to start again – then do just that, put it behind you and keep moving forward.   No one said it would be easy, but it will be worth it. Work hard, be consistent, stay focused and do it with a smile on your face.   No matter how many times you fail, just keep getting up and moving forward. I have... View Article

January 16, 2020 8:17 am Published by

Surviving Veganuary 2020 We are well underway into the new year, schools are in session, most of us are back to work dreading the packed trains and congested roads in the morning. Already nearing the halfway point for the first month, I’m sure many of you have come to realise that your new plant – based lifestyle isn’t as hard as you may have first thought. However, tackling those mischievous cravings for a simple yet so delightful cheese toastie could end in crumbs… So to help you march your way to the end of January here are our top tips for getting you there!   Planning + Preparation Just like with the majority of things in life, having a plan... View Article

January 14, 2020 8:35 am Published by

The push for us to eat less meat is growing, and many have opted for a plant-based life. For some its ethical, for others it’s a way to spend less, for others it’s a belief that being a vegan or veggie is healthier.   BUT IS IT?   I think you need to do your research if you’re going to cut out all animal protein and opt for plants only. If you’re vegan and all you eat is fast food, highly processed fake meat, minimal veg and poor-quality fats then your health isn’t probably going to be great. Not all veggie or vegan food is created equal, many of the foods can contain loads of preservatives, bad fats and fillers... View Article

August 28, 2019 4:46 pm Published by

If you just ate 150 calories less a day you would be eating 1050kcals less a week 7700kcals = 1 kg of fat lost so in just over 7 weeks you could lose 1kg of fat (not 1kg scale weight) by making small changes that you won’t really notice. Provided that you are in a calorie deficit by making these changes, if not then you may need to increase the deficit.   Now I am looking at calories only not how healthy the food is – that is a blog for another time.   We make fat loss so complicated – all we need to do is look at what we really eat, not what we think we eat. Then... View Article

July 15, 2019 8:00 am Published by

  We have all been there, we train so hard to lose weight for our summer holiday and when we land all sense seems to go out the window. We over indulge, we move less, we drink more and end up coming home more tanned but much bigger than the day we arrived. Then we start to regret what we did a little; we lose motivation to train as the urgent goal you trained for was achieved. You go back to old habits and by Christmas you realise you are right back where you started 12 months ago. It’s a viscous cycle that we see all the time and it can be hard to break the mould, change your habits... View Article

June 21, 2019 11:22 am Published by

SIMPLE BUT EFFECTIVE WAYS TO REDUCE YOUR CALORIES TO HELP YOU LOSE WEIGHT   Calorie swaps– take your normal snack, work out how many calories it is then replace it with something that is lower calorie.   Plan ahead with your meals– make extra dinner so that is lunch the next day.   Get your food delivered– If never having food in the house is an issue, then get it delivered.   Buy meals that you want to eat not just random items– Don’t just buy food but plan the meals you are going to eat and shop accordingly then you won’t be left with no food in the house and feel tempted to get takeaway.   Taking fruit to... View Article

June 21, 2019 10:57 am Published by

Many of us underestimate the benefit of a good night’s sleep. We seem to think we can function on 5 hours a night then back it up with a full day of work, week in and week out. We ask so much of our bodies the least we could do is make sure we get adequate rest and recovery, so we stay healthy and functioning at our best.   Some quick tips on how you can improve your sleep without tablets. Increase your exposure to bright light during the day– enjoy natural sunlight, it will improve energy, and the quality and quantity of your sleep.   Don’t consume caffeine too late in the day– having caffeine too late in the... View Article

May 15, 2019 9:04 am Published by

FOR FAT LOSS YOU NEED TO BE IN A CALORIE DEFICIT Is doesn’t matter whether you eat low fat, low carb or do intermittent fasting. What gets the best fat loss results is being in a calorie deficit. The best way to do this is to eat less food, eat smaller portions, cur out high fat high carb junk food. You can also create a deficit by training more often and moving more throughout your day.   MAKE SURE YOU EAT ENOUGH PROTEIN Protein is important and eating more will be less hungry, eat it at every meal. Protein goal is around 1.5-2g per kg a day.   DON’T FEAR FAT Eating good fat won’t make you fat, it is... View Article

May 15, 2019 8:59 am Published by

FITNESS HUB 21 NUTRITION TIPS   FOOD CHOICES Vary fruits, vegetables, fats and protein sources to expose your body to as many nutrients as possible LOW GI FRUIT – 2-3 X A DAY MAXIMUM Apples Plums Grapefruit Cherries Prunes Peaches Grapefruit Strawberries Coconut Pears Blueberries Kiwi fruit Raspberries Oranges BREADS AND GRAINS – ELIMINATE WHERE POSSIBLE OR MAKE THE BEST CHOICES Spelt or rye bread – for most its better to eat a couple of times a week Brown, wild or red organic rice Oats – soaked in water overnight and cooked in the morning Buckwheat Pearled Barley Quinoa FATS – use a variety to provide the body with more nutrients Organic cold pressed Coconut oil – (good for high... View Article

March 28, 2019 4:14 pm Published by

   After a period of not training I came in and threw myself back into it. After only a few weeks of not training consistently I was left sore and very stiff in my muscles. I wasn’t surprised but it got me thinking about how daunting it is to start exercising again after a long period off; or for some the challenge of starting for the first time.   The first steps to getting back into fitness whether it be to lose weight or just get fit and strong can seem like the hardest. Thinking about exercise and ways to reach your goals is a great start but at some point, we have to action it and get going.  ... View Article