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Starting out with a desire to get fitter and stronger can be daunting at any age, but even more so as you age. There is a need for all women to take up strength training; especially for women over 50. The health benefits are massive – increased bone strength to prevent osteoporosis, increased strength to preserve muscle mass, blood sugar regulation and increased energy expenditure


But where do you start? There are many obstacles standing in your way especially if you haven’t spent the past 10-20 years in the gym or with a personal trainer.


  1. Feeling out of place and self conscious

Problem – Most gyms are very intimidating to say the least and when you are over 50 it may seem like a strange place. The weights area is bombarded with men and on top of that you don’t know where to start.


Solution – Find a place where you feel comfortable, private personal training gyms may work best as there are less members and all sessions are with a coach.

You need to feel welcomed and at home, and also given the right training to suit your needs. Look for a gym where the culture and environment suit you.


  1. I don’t want to get hurt

Problem – this is a legitimate concern for anyone starting out. Your risk of injury will increase when you don’t know what your doing.


Solution – If you have health conditions speak to your doctor first to see if you are ready to start training. Sign up for some session with a personal trainer who can teach you how to move, how to train and how to get moving better. Technique is king when it comes to building strength, followed by consistency and progressing the program when you need to.


  1. Having trouble finding time

Problem – The kids may have grown and maybe you thought that once you get to 50 you would have more time but that hasn’t seemed to be the case. Years of inactivity or not having time to yourself is a very real problem and the years have taken their toll on your health. There is never a perfect time to start working on you and finding time can be hard, but not impossible.


Solution – Find a place to train that has a flexible schedule, start every week by putting in time to train in your diary. Schedule it like you would a dentist appointment and stay accountable to that commitment. Remember you will benefit from your training and you are only letting yourself down when you fail to start. Exercise makes you feel better about yourself, it will boost your energy and time invested in your health will only benefit you and make more enjoyable.


  1. Believing that all you need is cardio training

Problem – We have been led to believe that older people need more cardio and less strength training. As more research is done it is becoming clear that women over 50 need more weight training than cardio. While sitting on a bike for 40 minutes will help you get fitter; strength training will help improve all over well-being and set you up to be stronger, fitter and mentally sharper as you age.

Solution – Find a place that specialises in personal training or a coach at a gym that understands what you need. They should be able to lead and guide you in the right direction and set you up for great results that will help you get what you need from training.

Whatever the obstacle to training the pros far outweigh the cons especially when it comes to your health. You can’t ignore the fact that regular training will lead to greater health and over all wellbeing.

So get moving, see what is available to you locally and get started.


5 Tips to ensure success

  1. Know your goal – but more importantly have a plan.
  2. Take Action toward your goal – plan your meals, prep them, get moving and talk less about what you will do.
  3. Be consistent – be persistent every day.
  4. Change your focus – there is more to training than just how many calories you burn. Train for fun, for strength, greater mobility, better mental and physical health; find joy in the journey.
  5. Train for the long term goal – Doing the basics right and consistently will see you not only reach your goal but be able to maintain what you achieve. There will be times you can’t train and life just gets in the way but developing healthy habits now will mean greater success in the future.



You could portion the meals out and put them in the freezer

600g mushrooms

3 courgettes spiralised

1 red pepper

2 green peppers

1 head broccoli



250mls almond and coconut butter

1 tbsp soy sauce

2 tbsp apple cider vinegar

1/8 tsp garlic powder

1/8 tsp ginger powder

1/8 tsp cayenne pepper

100g creamed coconut

400mls water

1 tbsp fish sauce


Boil the kettle and pour 600mls water in a saucepan, add the coconut block until it melts

Add in other ingredients and stir together

Add sauce to pan and heat up

Add the veg and cook until done


This makes 10 meals

So macronutrient breakdown per meal is

Calories 240

Carbs 12g

Protein 10g

Fat 17g

If you added 100g cooked chicken breast total would be

Calories 373

Carbs 12g

Protein 41g

Fat 19g



All our members regardless of age train with weights, many of them are female as you can see and many of them are over 55.

It may come as a shock that Carol who is 60 can do assisted chin ups or Mylene who is a little younger is mastering push ups and ring rows.
These ladies prove every day that age is only a number and they work hard at getting stronger as they understand why it’s so important to be strong as you age.
I am so proud of the effort and energy they bring to every session, their positive attitude and who they are inspire all my clients that they can do more if they work hard



A get asked a lot about how many meals a day are needed to lose weight. My reply is simple, as long as your following a calorie restricted diet; whether you eat 3 meals or 6 you will still lose weight. This allows my clients to be free to choose how they eat during the day as long as they stick to the calories i have prescribed for them.
Stick to the basics, do them well and you can’t go wrong


Doing the basics right will lead to better long term fat loss results and make the journey much easier

We tend to overcomplicate what we need to do to lose weight

We feel the need to have to suffer to get the results we want

We try to change everything by going on a restrictive diet, training 6 x a week and still juggle our day to day lives

Ultimately it all fails and you fall back into old habits and are left to think maybe i am not meant to lose weight as its so hard

Let me tell you that you can lose weight and achieve what you want – you just need to keep it simple and create new healthy habits

Great results = consistency/time

1. Train 3-4 x a week – consistency is key
2. Eat less than you burn in the form of more protein, vegetables and healthy fats – 80/20 rule applies
3. Walk 10000 steps a day
4. Drink more water 2-3 litres
5. Take it one day at a time – enjoy it and don’t stress
6. Find a place to train where you feel you belong and are surrounded by people to share the journey with

Green Pea Fusilli Pasta Bake

Healthy and tasty

Green pea fusilli pasta bake



A really simple and healthy way to feed the family.
I used a split 
pea pasta which I like but you can use normal pasta as well if you prefer

2 x courgette
2 x peppers
250g mushrooms
1/4 celeriac
3 cloves garlic
1kg beef mince
2 tsp smoked paprika (optional)
Salt and pepper for the mince
1 jar roasted red peppers (370g drained)
300g green pea fusilli uncooked measure
200g cheddar cheese grated


Chop the veg to your liking
Cook the mushrooms and onion first, then add the peppers after 5 mins, then add broccoli and courgettes
Put it in a bowl once cooked

Brown off the beef mince add salt and pepper to taste as well as smoked paprika

Cook the pasta most of the way. Drain it and wash it off

Add the ingredients together in a large bowl
Drain and blitz up the red peppers to make a sauce. Add water and replace the lid, shake it and add to the mix

Mix it all together
Put it in a very large tray
Add cheese to your liking

Bake in the oven at 200 degrees for 30 mins

You can use whatever vegetables you like. If you have fussy kids blitz the vegetables up and add it to the sauce

This serves 8-10 portions. Depends how hungry you are

Divided by 9 meals
per portion equals
Calories 460
Carbs 36.5g
Protein 35.5g
Fat 17g

You can substitute with chicken mince which would bring calories down around 410-460 per meal
If you don’t eat meat. Add more vegetables



Weight training has so many benefits especially for women. In my experience as a trainer for over 10 years, this is what I see happens when my new female clients start doing resistance training

  1. They become stronger and more confident
  2. They start to find muscles they never knew existed and tune into themselves a bit more
  3. Their Posture improves
  4. They lose weight
  5. Their shape starts to change and they become more toned
  6. They are constantly surprising themselves with what they can do in training – this applies to anything from doing push ups, pulling a sled and lifting barbells off the ground.
  7. Under the right supervision and correct training my clients are amazed at what their bodies can do. More often than not my female clients are stronger than they think!
  8. They are more flexible and have less aches and pains – A great 10-15 min movement and stretch preparation before training will help increase flexibility and reinforce good technique when training
  9. Improved quality of life, the ability to get through the day with energy left to enjoy other things in life


The common myth around why women avoid weight training is that they don’t want to get too big or look bulky, therefore they opt for cardio training instead as a way of trying to lose weight. There are a growing number of women who are now reaping the benefits of switching to resistance training.

Research suggests weight training can slow down the aging process, helps to build muscle mass, can help in blood sugar regulation, helps prevent osteoporosis and increases energy expenditure.

What stops women I train from starting a weight/circuit program is –

  1. Feelings of looking silly and out of place in the gym
  2. Not knowing where to start
  3. Not knowing what they need to do
  4. Not having someone there to show them
  5. Having to do it alone


At Fitness Hub 21 our clients don’t necessarily have a history of training, they simply want to be fit and healthy as they age, have a stronger core, and in some cases lose weight.

Our gym provides the ideal environment for anyone to keep fit – it’s boutique, private and welcoming. What’s more is that the training sessions are fun!

We support each other and share in our individual improvements.


This time of year is renowned for new year resolutions
You decide you have had enough and want to lose weight, get fit or tone up

Each year you make the same promises to yourself. You get really motivated (which is great) –

You join the gym
Do a detox
Go running
Go on the latest fad diet

You start off so motivated
But then the motivation wears off
The diet becomes harder to stick to
You start to compromise and become complacent
You come up with excuses for not training
And soon enough you are back to your old ways
Struggling to see how everyone else can do it but why can’t you!!

A lot of the time you fail before you even really got started
You set your ambitions too high. Going from zero exercise to training 6 days a week, which is unnecessary!!
You try to stick to a diet that restricts everything 24/7 which is also unnecessary to lose weight
You go on a detox, spending loads of money on shakes lose a bit of weight but again is unnecessary – but if it kickstarts your fat loss you need a plan post detox so you can continue what you started (planning is key)

To get it right you first have to make a plan that fits around you and that you can stick to month in and month out
The plan may need to be flexible, or may need to be altered or adjusted as you progress (hence the need of a coach and training community)

At fitnesshub21 we aim to help you set realistic goals based on what you need to change and are willing to change

You don’t have to suffer to get results
You need to enjoy the process and see a result
You need to understand how fat loss works and have a diet built around you that you can sustain
You need to train consistently 2-4 x a week and move more in your day to day lives
You need coaches who can work with you and help you along the way. Who get it and understand how you feel
You need people to train with and share the journey with
You need to do this for you
You are worth it
You have it in you to achieve
You just need the right environment to allow you to do this

At Fitness hub 21 –
We don’t judge you
We support you

There are no egos
Just a great community that know exactly how you feel

We don’t humiliate you if you can’t do something
We teach you how to do it and help you become more confident in your ability

This new year
Do something different to get a better result than last year
Join us for our 30 day trial and see why we are the best fit for you

For more info email or check out our website




In part 2 I have added a few more ways in which you sabotage your diet without realising it and what you can do about it –


You don’t keep track of your food portions – I don’t expect clients to stress over weighing everything but your portion size can play a big role in long term fat loss. It’s easy to over eat even if its healthy.

To combat this you should weigh or portion your meals, use a bowl instead of a plate, use cup measurements to portion rice and veg, use the palm size of your hand to measure protein etc.

When I was trying to lose fat I switched to a bowl for my main meals as it stopped me over eating. I found this very useful and successful in sticking to my calorie goal and use it to this day


Not reading the label – We are so often tricked into believing something is healthy for us because it is what the front label says. It could be labeled as low fat, low sugar, low carbs etc and we immediately think its ok but you have to look a little deeper.

Most things low sugar may contain artificial sweeteners, low fat generally has higher sugar etc. Be careful and read the ingredients, if things contain more than 5 ingredients and I can’t pronounce the names I don’t touch it. Look at the serving size then times it by how big your portion will be – after this I usually realise it’s not worth it. Food companies want you to buy their product so make it look as healthy as possible.

If your still not sure – stick to real food, make it yourself and don’t trust what companies say


Trying to do too much at once – When starting out on your fat loss journey so many people try to do everything at once – food prep, training, lifestyle changes etc. Unless you are one of the few who can make a lot of changes without much of a challenge – you will soon become overwhelmed and feel like you are failing and not good enough.

What I do with clients is set weekly goals; we sit down and chat about where they are at in their journey, work out how stressed they are, how much time they have for training and food prep etc. Then I work out what 1-2 big changes they need to make first before overloading them with a long list. You need to prioritise what you need to do first to get you started on your journey, then as you build better habits you can make more changes.

If you currently feel overwhelmed – sit down and work out what big changes need to happen first. If getting to the gym is to hard and you are not exercising – aim for 10000 steps a day. If you are bored of the gym – go find a personal trainer or local bootcamp. If you cant get your eating right – cut out sugar and lower your white starches down and eat more vegetable. Make 1-2 changes that make the biggest difference in helping you reach your goals.


Letting the scales be your guide – to be honest I don’t really weigh myself, as it always leads to misery. Constantly jumping on the scales every day can turn your fat loss goal into an emotional rollercoaster. You might feel great until you jump on the scales and your disappointed, which in turn ruins your day, it effects your food choices and you don’t even feel like training anymore.

Don’t weigh yourself too often – once a week maximum. I use girth measurements with clients over weight, and even then its not always accurate. Forget the scales, stick to eating plan, train your butt off, stay positive, be consistent and you will drop fat – trust me


Your too hard on yourself – No one is perfect and there is no perfect diet, perfect training program, or perfect plan for fat loss. Your journey is just that….it’s a journey, it will be filled with highs and lows, good choices and bad choices, great training sessions and poor training sessions, good days and bad days.

Don’t be so hard on yourself when you mess up…….IT HAPPENS. You just have to learn from it and move on. Don’t worry about being perfect; but instead focus on doing your best each day, be consistent and enjoy the journey.

Stress less and enjoy life, stay positive