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Check out some of these videos of me strong man training on my lead up to Galaxy May Universe 2012. this video is me 5 weeks out of Galaxy Universe May 2012. I lost 6kg in 9 weeks, 7.5cm off my hips and 5% body fat This was my first week preparing for Galaxy Universe May 2012 week 1 of training for my 1st comp of the year My first time doing strongman training in preparation for Galaxy Universe May 2012.

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Are you really on track when it comes to losing weight and being healthy??? To often we strive to lose weight and stay fit, you join a gym and get some results but are never truly happy with what you achieve. You try every new diet there is and train everyday but for all your effort you seem to be going nowhere. We are told to eat less and train more as a way of losing weight, but in actual fact this theory is flawed and in the long run you cant maintain eating less and will ultimately deprive your body of essential nutrients and enter into the realms of overtraining. I know from experience that training smarter and eating... View Article

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More fantastic results achieved in 6 months. Danny lost 23.4kg total, 13.5cm off his waist, 11.6cm off his hips and a total of 12% body fat all in 6 months. Danny has been overweight his whole life and has never had a physique this lean or been this healthy. Truly amazing effort I am so proud.